Acne Dermo-Purifying Treatment

Dermo-purifying facial that targets the oily areas. Highly recommended for oily, combination and/or acne-prone skin caused by excess sebum. Also highly effective to treat dilated pores, blackheads, keratosis and excess shine. 

1 Treatment: $120.00 

Facial Treatments

Skin Sensations

A full facial treatment that provides the skin with all of the essentials, loaded with water& vitamins. With its high-tech active release. this treatment is comperable to those carried out using inhasive aesthtic procedures. Unisex formula for any age and season. 

1 Treatment: $75.00 

Skin Brightening Pigmentation with Nacar

A clarifying, brightenining and lightenining facial treatment for all skin types. Suitable for illuminating and treating uneven skin tones. This treatment also aids in removing unqanted blemishes, spots, scars and dark patches, while removing impurities and cleanses the pores.

1 Treatment: $120.00 

Skin Peels

Rejuvenate and get younger, healthier looking skin! Peels help reverse the signs of aging and sun damage and even out overall skin tone, texture, wrinkles, age spots, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. A great treatment to help improve your overall skin condition.

1 Treatment: $250.00+

Anti-Oxidants with Stem Cell Elixir

A very powerful treatment that contains the newst acting ingridents following the latest in skin rejuvenation science. Unisex treatment that can be applied to any skin type throughout the year. 

1 Treatment: $85.00 


A non-surgical cosmetic exfoliation treatment which gently and deeply exfoliates the top layer of your skin to reveal new, fresher and naturally glowing skin. 

1 Treatment: $120.00