The original Green peel

  • A biological method on natural basis- without any chemical substances
  • Successful in more than 50 countries and since more than 60 years
  • Individual treatment possibilities for almost every skin type
  • Improvement of skin quality, solution for diverse skin problems

​Green Peel Fresh Up

Is the most gentle of the 3 treatments. The skin is stimulated and refreshed- completely without peeling effect.

  • tired appearing skin
  • first signs of skin aging
  • pale complexion

Green Peel Energy

Provides the skin with noticeably new energy. The treatment stimulates blood circulation and cell metabolism, leading to a nature improvement of the skin texture with peeling effect.

  • impurities
  • wrinkles
  • pigment disorders
  • uneven skin, scars

Green Peel Classic

Is a nature treatment method for skin renewal with peeling effect.

  • regeneration and renewal a new skin in 5 day
  • large- pored, seborrheic skin
  • sun-damaged skin
  • wrinkles
  • skin prone to premature formation of wrinkles with sagging face contours
  • some forms of hyperpigmentation
  • impure skin, sebum cysts
  • scars

Microdermabrasion is an effective treatment to exfoliate and remove the stratum corneum(upper layer) of dry or dead skin cells.

Application areas:

  • Improvement of skin appearance on face, neck and cleavage
  • Regeneration and firmiming of the skin
  • Reduction of small lines and wrinkles
  • Improvement of scars
  • Reduction of pigment changes

Oil skin treatment

  • Stop shining is an intelligent cosmetic product for oil skin and shiny areas.


  • Specific dermo purifying treatment.
  • An intelligent liposumated system for cells.
  • Deep skin moisturization 


  • Balance matte effect,cleansed, free of imperfections, renewed and more youthful skin.
  • ​Suitable for oil skin and shiny areas.

Facial Treatment


Luxury Revitalizing Facial

 Anti-age skin treatment

  • ​An injection of mineral and vitamins.


  • Innovative multi- vitamin and mineral-rich formula.
  • Immediate boost of vitality.


  • Help restore the youth and vitality of your skin.
  • Recovers the nature shine of the dermal tissue.
  • Radiant, luminous and revitalized face.
  • Suitable for mature skin,especially those that need luminosity and na immediate boost in vitality.

Shine Control Line

Green Peels